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Our vineyard is located on Starr Road in Windsor, California which is the heart of the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County. Other well known vineyards are located on Starr road such as Kosta Brown's Amber Ridge Vineyard and Gary Farrell's Starr Ridge Vineyard.

Retrospect Vineyards has been producing high quality Pinot Noir for around 15 years. Most of the fruit has historically been sold to wineries. We will continue to sell the bulk of the fruit to wineries but will also make a small amount of wine to sell to the general public.

The vineyard is 20 rolling acres with 16 planted with Pinot Noir. Pommard vines are planted on 101-14 rootstock. The vines were chosen because they yield a sensual, velvety feel in the mouth and a richness to the finished wine.

The soil is generally considered to be Spreckles loam characterized by mineralogy of alluvial gravel with sub soil of clay, sandstone and shale. Also, like other vineyards in The Valley, excellent drainage exists which slows vine growth and focuses all attention on the fruit. These forces produce fantastic fruit with amazing complexity.

Russian River Valley

There are very few places in the world that can grow exceptional Pinot Noir. Besides Burgundy in France, the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, California is another.

Due to the proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the area is characterized by cool morning fog which retreats to the Ocean during the day. Because of this, temperatures can vary 35 to 40 degrees from nighttime lows to daytime highs which allows for a slow ripening period, generally 15 to 20% longer than other regions. This extended ripening period conserves acidity which creates wines that are bright and have longevity.

Character is added to wines in the Russian River Vally due to the diversity of soil types. This was created by the forces of nature beyond our control but has benefited people passionate about wine making. The collision between the North American and Pacific Tectonic plates caused an uplift in ancient bedrock. Added to this was volcanic ash being spread to the Valley by volcanic vents. The final force, for which the Valley is named, is the Russian River which carried rich alluvial materials into the area. Each vineyard has it's own characteristics which adds to the allure of the Russian River Valley.

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